Women are fashion conscious, so when they travel, they have to carry some extra things. Here are some things women must carry in their purses when they travel.


A mobile is an essential item that must be in the purse. Smartphones have lots of functionality that can be very useful when traveling. For example, they can check out their makeup by taking a selfie or using the ‘mirror’ option.

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Mini makeup kit

They must carry a mini-makeup kit containing lipstick, lip balm, face powder, perfume, a comb, sunscreen, and other necessary makeup items. They can give some final touches to their makeup while traveling. Many women do their makeup when commuting by train or bus as they can save the time to do it at home.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be very handy, especially during this time. Hand sanitizer can keep your hands free of germs all the time. Most of us have a habit of touching our faces frequently. If our hands are dirty, then the dirt will get into the face. So, it is necessary to carry hand sanitizer.


Normal or wet tissues can save your day. The weather may be hot and wiping your face with a wet tissue can make you feel comfortable. Tissues may be needed to fix makeup or clean your hands.

Breath fresheners

Women tend to be cautious about their breath. So, they carry mints or similar things to keep their breath fresh. That way they feel more comfortable talking with people.

These items don’t take up much space, so they fit easily even inside a moderate-sized purse. All these are essential items that may be handy during travel.