As women grow up their needs and choices change. The childhood friend may not be the right person anymore to open up to. So, they may look for new female friends to share their feelings. Here are some tips that women can use for making new female friends.

Accept invitations

If a girl in your office or neighborhood invites you, then accept the invitation. This will open up room for conversation. You can get to know each other well and start sharing thoughts.

Talk about ‘girly’ topics

You can start a conversation about ‘girly’ topics like makeup.

This is a common interest for most women and there will be plenty of things to discuss. It’s a great way to talk to people you don’t know. When discussing these things you may find out about their choices and know how the person is.

Go for brunch

To know more about a person, there is nothing better than going out for a brunch. You can have good food, fun and start building a new friendship. You can talk about anything over brunch.

Join girls’ social groups

On Facebook and other social networks, you will find many girls’ social groups. You can join those groups and make new friends. You will see profiles of thousands of women there. A few of the profiles may match with yours and you can eventually make a new friend.

These are some ways women can make new female friends. It’s wonderful to go out with your female friend once in a while and talk about the good and bad things you are experiencing in life.

Friendship Day 2015-Infographics

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