This is a women’s blog that talks about women’s health, wellness, relationships, travel, food, and more. Here you will find many things about women’s lifestyles. If you have a product or service that is targeted towards this market, then you can advertise here. We are offering advertising opportunities to our clients.

We offer various advertising options. You can choose anyoption according to your preference and budget. If you want, you can run multiple advertisements simultaneously. Here are the advertising options we are offering.

Banner ads

These are very prominent ads that appear on the page of a blog. You can give nice pictures or animation to make the banner more attractive. The most important part of the banner ad is the message and the ‘call to action’ button. Using the ‘call to action’ button will redirect prospective customers to your website.

A banner ad is very effective in creating leads and expanding your reach.

Paid reviews

People now hardly buy any product or service without reading the reviews. As there are too many options available, it can be difficult to choose a product or service for your need.

The reviews can tell you about the best features of the products so that you know whether it’s appropriate for you or not. We will write about your brand in such a positive and appealing way that it will stand out from the competitors.

Social media ads

We have a huge number of fan followers on our social media page. You can buy ads there and reach thousands of prospective customers in no time. These ads are simple but very effective.

Newsletter ads

We send monthly newsletters to our readers. The newsletter contains interesting articles and news about women’s health, relationships, and more. You can place your ad there and reach lots of prospective customers.


We organize events like contests and quizzes. You can sponsor those events. This will improve your brand image and more people will know about your brand. Sponsorships offer you an opportunity to stand above the competition.

We have a dedicated team who look after these advertisements. You can consult them before creating an ad. They will understand your brand image and preference to help you choose the best option.

The ad costs depend on the type, size, placement, and duration of the ad. You can learn about it in more detail by contacting us. We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for visiting us.